Bullfighter Base

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  Moocow Unicycle's Bullfighter Base is significantly stronger than plastic bases, and is suited for the most extreme riding!
   Carbon fiber provides an extremely stiff base, making your unicycle superbly responsive. The Moocow base is flatter than traditional bases, making it ideal for spins and flips, and a fantastic choice for comfort with muni or distance.

Advantages of a Moocow base

The Moocow Unicycles Bullfighter Base is the first carbon fiber unicycle base ever to come fully assembled, pre drilled, and with all the necessary hardware

Optimized Shape

The Bullfighter Base has been painstakingly designed to provide comfort when riding for long periods of time. The flatter profile makes it easier to hold which helps spin faster, and makes flips easier

Plastic Retainer Technology means you will virtually always be able to install or remove fasteners, no matter how much abuse your base takes!

Part data

  • Part Mass: 212 grams
  • Part Mass (With fasteners): 245 grams
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Warranty: 2.5 years
  • Pre-Drilled
  • Fasteners assembled to base
  • Comes with screws

  • Open Source

    To download the files used to design this and othe Moocow parts for free, follow the link below!