• Parts

  • What is a SaddleApter?

    A SaddleApter is designed to repurpose old broken seatposts. Simply cut off the broken top of the seatpost and attach on the SaddleApter.

  • What is the advantage of a SaddleApter?

    A SaddleApter conveniently allows the repurposing of broken seatposts, and is significantly stronger than any seatpost currently available on the market.

  • How do I use a SaddleApter?

    To use a SaddleApter you need a post, either 25.4mm or 27.2mm depending on your order. The SaddleApter will fit over the pipe, and can be tightened using the 2 screws.

  • What's the advantage of a carbon fiber unicycle base?

    Carbon fiber bases are much better than their plastic counterparts for a multitude of reasons. Carbon fiber is stronger and lighter than plastic, but more importantly, it's tremendously stiff, making the unicycle incredibly responsive for tricks such as flips and spins.

  • What's different about the Moocow Unicycles base?

    Moocow Carbon fiber bases use 8 layers of carbon fiber, making it exceptionally strong! The Moocow base is also much flatter than conventional bases, making for a more comfortable ride once you get used to it, and more control for tricks such as spins.

  • What saddle components can I use with a Moocow base?

    Just about any! Certain older or less common, less conventional parts may not fit, but the handles and bumpers from the current major brands (KH, Nimbus, Impact) will fit.

  • Shipping

  • I live far away - how much will shipping cost me?

    Shipping is calculated based on your order, and thus varies. If you feel as though the default shipping price calculated by Paypal is too high please contact info@moocowunicycles.com to ask about cheaper shipping options.
    The cost of shipping does however affect shipping times. A SaddleApter that shipped for 10 dollars from Canada to Australia took two and a half months.

  • How long are shipping times?

    Shipping times vary by location, but will usually arrive within 2 weeks of an order being placed, though 3 isn't uncommon.

  • What comes in my package?

    Your package will contain the parts you ordered, nicely packaged to prevent damage, as well as 2 stickers. Rumour has it packages also contain a small amount of steeze, but we can neither confirm nor deny that.

  • Warranty

  • How long does my warranty last?

    The warranty varies for different parts, but should be listed in the product page.
    Currently, all Moocow parts have a warranty of 2.5 years from date of purchase.

  • What does my warranty cover?

    Your warranty covers any physical damage that may occur from using your part for riding. The Moocow warranty does not cover any aesthetic damage, such as scratches or oxidation. Please note that parts we retail such as seatpost clamps are not covered under warranty. In addition, our warranty does not cover apparel such as t-shirts or stickers.
    Full Warranty Policy

  • I broke my part. Now what?

    First off, congrats! You must ride really hard. If you do need to claim a warranty, simply send us a message via email at info@moocowunicycles.com or our Facebook page.
    Please include a picture of the damage, and explanation of what caused it.
    Then you get to decide if you'd like a full refund, including applicable taxes and shipping, or we can ship you a replacement part for free, whichever you prefer!

  • What voids my warranty?

    Any modifications to the part, for example drilling holes in the part in an attempt to save weight will completely void the warranty. Any aesthetic defects are not covered by warranty, for example scratches or rust.

  • What voids my warranty?

    Any modifications to the part, for example drilling holes in the part in an attempt to save weight will completely void the warranty. Any aesthetic defects are not covered by warranty, for example scratches or rust.

  • Open Source

  • What does Open Source mean?

    Open source means that every part we make at Moocow Unicycles is available to anyone in digital format. The blueprints for our parts are available for everyone! The intention behind this is to make high quality unicycle parts available to more people, and also allow community improvements, by giving users the chance to redesign Moocow parts easily in software with the original file, allowing for rapid iterations of new part design.

  • What does it entitle me to?

    Moocow Unicycles being open source means that you're entitled to the CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings that show the precise shape and size of every part sold by Moocow Unicycles.

  • What software do I need to open the files?

    The files were designed in Solidworks 2016. However, if you don't have this software, eDrawings is a free software that allows the viewing/measuring of the part files.
    Most CAD softwares should be able to open and modify STEP files.

    eDrawings software to view solidworks files

  • What can I do with these files?

    The files show the precise shape and size of Moocow parts allowing users to create their own at home if they are so inclined. The "Handle reinforcement" part is saved as an STL file, as it makes it easier to 3D print.

  • Sponsorship

  • What is the Moocrew?

    The Moocrew is the term for the team of riders sponsored by Moocow Unicycles. The current members of the team are Jack Sebben, Nicolas Neumann, Pablo Codes, Christian Kendall, and Connor Wurst.

  • How can I get sponsored?

    If you'd like to get sponsored by Moocow Unicycles, please contact us directly for more information.