Saddleapter - V3

Advantages of a SaddleApter


SaddleApters are 6.8 times stronger than a conventional seatpost! *
Moocow Unicycles has a 2.5 year warranty on our parts, the longest in unicycling. When the parts you make are this strong, it's easy to stand behind your work so long.

The images below show the stresses a seatpost and SaddleApter will experience from normal urban unicycling use. The brighter spots show higher stresses, which indicate areas that are more likely to break. The SaddleApter experiences much lower stresses than the seatpost when the same forces are applied meaning it's significantly stronger!

  • FEA-small FEA-large

Adaptibility and Modularity

The Moocow Unicycles SaddleApter allows you to easily repurpose any standard broken seatpost and fits on any standard seat, quickly and easily

Improvements from the last generation

Even Stronger

Utilising thicker ribs and optimized geometry to minimize stress concentrations and improve strength the new saddleapter is tankier than ever!

Bigger, Better Bolts

Bigger screws provide more holding power and are far less prone to breaking.

More Seatpost Engagement

The overall height of the adapter increased meaning 10% more engagement between the adapter and the seatpost

Part data

  Moocow Unicycle's flagship product, the Saddleapter slips onto seatposts providing new life.
The Saddleapter provides a far stronger interface than a traditional seatpost, and works for any riding discipline
Made for use with screws, will not work with traditional nuts and bolts

  • Part Mass: 84 grams
  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • For use with: 27.2mm seatposts
  • Surface finished: Anodized
  • Warranty: 2.5 years
  • Cost: $98.92 Canadian Dollars (CAD)

  • *Disclaimer: The tests performed to determine strength of the SaddleApter vs a traditional seatpost assume a forged seatpost made from 6063-O aluminum, forged in one piece. The peak stress on the seatpost and SaddleApter were used to determine ratio of 6.8 times stronger. Further, the aforementioned ratio occurs when a force is applied upwards to the handle, as one may experience in a crankflip. If the forces are assessed similarly but to the back of the seat, as one may expect in a hickflip, the Moocow Unicycles SaddleApter is 3.5 times stronger than the traditional seatpost used.

    Open Source

    To download the files used to design this and othe Moocow parts for free, follow the link below!